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High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
EVPST-BMS-4 High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
Key Features of BMS:
1)Individual cell voltage detection
2)Battery system’s Temperature detection
3)the battery system’s charging current and discharging current detecting and real-time management
4)temperature coolling control of the battery system
5)the real-time modifying of the individual cell’s difference
6)SOC estimating of the battery system
7)Battery system’s accident analyzing and on-line alarming
8)Datums transmission and real-time communication with Master BMS
9)the real-time displaying of the Battery system States
10)Charging balancing function
11)Communicating with charger system to achieve safety charging
High performance BMS for Ebike battery system
EVPST-BMS-2 High performance BMS for Ebike battery system
1.Continuous working current:10~75A;Max.Current:20~150A balancing BMS (for 15S,12S,8S,4S....)are available
2.Customized Intelligent BMS.
3.Leading time:35±5days for 50~500 SETS
High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
EVPST-BMS-1 High performance EV BMS with CAN bus& SOC
1.High accurate and sophisticated EV BMS with CAN bus&SOC are available for 205v40/55Ah(64cells) and 60v60Ah(20cells) LiFePo4 battery packs
2.Customized EV BMS with CAN bus&SOC.
3.Leading time:50±15days for 50~500 SETS
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